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My name is Anghel. 

For the majority of my life, I was submissive, anxious, had a high pitched voice, couldn't look people in the eyes, addicted to pornography, always looking for an escape from reality, etc. It's pretty pathetic when I think about it but this is what I was and for the longest time, I just played the victim card.


I did this because my parents divorced when I was young and then I ended up being abused for 8 years of my life. The thing is though, you can only do this for so long until you realize that you're just being weak and pathetic. Once this happens, you're left with a choice.. 

You either man up and change or you continue to be a weak, pathetic excuse and remain the same.

I chose the former.

I am here to wake other Men up and help them become the Men that God intended for them to be.

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